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Forbidden Friendship || HTTYD!Verse



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                    The amount of dragon knowledge Johanna was picking up from their flying practices and time in-between could slowly fill an entire book, but it seemed as if she was content with just keeping it all to herself. Not that he minded; he didn’t think he could handle more than one person from Erebor knowing where he was. Or knowing the things she knew, for that matter. 

Wearing the saddle for hours on end gave him a little itch, and he couldn’t wait to scratch it when they landed. Retracting one claw from his forepaw, he used it to deal with the itch. 

"Here," he heard Johanna say, moving over to him. It was followed by a calming, scratching sensation that had him tilting his head up and towards her. 

                   ♒ ᴍᴜsᴛ ɴᴏᴛ…ɢɪᴠᴇ ɪɴ….

And of course, she just had to scratch under his chin, which was enough to send him sprawling on the ground, cooing softly. He shook his ears and sighed with a smile, opening one eye and looking up at her as if to say ‘yes, never better’. He slid across the ground before winding himself around her feet, purring all the while.

It wasn’t long before his breathing became even and the purrs subsided, and Smaug slipped into a deep sleep. Sometime between that and the moment he opened his eyes again, Johanna must have left for the village, because he could no longer see or smell her. She had a distinct smell: a mix of smoke and strawberries, oddly enough. It helped him sense if it was her coming through the rocks or not. 

With another sigh, he lay back down before plodding around the area just to keep himself busy, even turning into his human form and diving into the pond, his tail helping him move through the water with ease. By the time he was done, he stepped out of the water and shook off the drops that clung to his skin, even ruffling his curls in an effort to dry himself faster. 

The girl couldn’t help but chuckle at the dragon and she knelt down to sit against him, still rubbing at a few scales, though not as rigorously as before. They’d really come so far since those first days of mistrust, and Johanna was glad. Smaug trusted her and she trusted him.

He was her first real friend. Such an interesting turn of events, really. A dragon and a viking.

When she felt Smaug fall asleep she carefully extracted herself from where she’d been sitting against his side. The smithy was calling to her and she had come up with a system that could potentially work as far as both keeping the fin open and moving it as needed. With all the observation she had it would be much simpler now. Grabbing the saddle and whispering a goodnight to the Night Fury, she slipped away.

The next day Johanna found that the Nadder had the same weak point under their chin, managing to get one to drop right before Thorin was about to attempt a beheading. He was still mad at her, and it showed quite obviously both in the ring and at home. If he had avoided her before, this was almost loathing and unfortunately she had no idea how to even begin to patch the relationship. They hadn’t had much of one to begin with.

But there was a close call that same day. Johanna spotted him training in the forest, updated saddle tucked under her arm. He’d almost thrown an axe at her before stopping. The stare held for a moment before she hurried away. She took a bit of a side journey to get to the cove that day, just in case.

Ducking in through the entrance she smiled when she spotted the dragon, in human form, shaking out his curls. Though still uncomfortable, she was beginning to get used to his lack of cover in a certain area. But maybe this was a chance to see if he’d be alright with wearing a pair of pants she’d brought along as well. There was a hole in the back big enough for his tail she’d cut out, and hopefully the length’d work too.

"Have a good swim? I haven’t seen you mostly human in a while." She asked, setting down the saddle and new stirrups. She’d brought along some extra tools just in case they needed adjustments on the spot, and she separated the pants from the rest of the pack. "I brought you something."

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Forbidden Friendship || HTTYD!Verse


A rolling grumble formed at the back of his throat, but other than that he made no move to throw her off like he did the last time she’d sat on his tail. While the saddle was uncomfortable, making him feel constricted, bound. And her weight on his back wasn’t helping, but he got used to it. 

Still, that didn’t stop him from wiggling his torso at times, adjusting the feel and fit of the saddle until he was satisfied. 

Flying with someone on his back was strange. He was used to letting his dragon instincts take over, to go where he wanted, when he wanted. But with Johanna on his back, he had to make sure he didn’t throw her off with his flight patterns. 

The first few tries were problematic, with his ‘new’ tail failing to open properly and causing him to crash on the ground. He managed to use his wings to soften their landing, whether it was on water, in a patch of green field near the colony, or on the sandy shores of a nearby island. 

At first Smaug doubted that she could do it, and there were times when he refused to lift off the ground. But for some reason her determination became contagious, and soon he found himself letting her take control of where they were going to go. 


It was during one of their regular flying practices when something went wrong with the tail contraption she’d made, and he crash landed onto a field of grass. The feel and smell of the grass was relaxing, and Smaug ended up rubbing his entire body on it, sighing in satisfaction as he inhaled the minty sweet scent. 

Realizing what he was doing, he paused and looked up at Johanna guiltily.

Johanna slowly fell into a routine, her days spent between home, dragon training, the smithy and the cove. Every day new adjustments were made to the saddle or the prosthetic fin.

The day they discovered the dragon nip had been her first go at trying to use her foot to keep the fin open. It didn’t quite work, but watching the Night Fury roll around in the grass like an overgrown cat was amusing in and of itself. “Like this stuff, huh?” She grinned, picking up a handful and smelling it. Seemed like regular grass to her, but she pocketed the blades before making her way back over and climbing back on the saddle. “Let’s try this again.”

The next day in training she discovered that the grass had the same effect when presented to a Gronkle as it had on Smaug. The dragon just stopped short and rolled over with an obviously happy expression. Again, everyone was stunned with how she’d stopped the Gronkle, and even followed her out of the ring asking how she’d done it.

Well everyone but Thorin anyway. He had only grown more sullen after what happened with the Zippleback earlier in the week. Johanna had a feeling that he thought she was stealing his fire, not that she wanted to anyway. She knew what would happen if she beat him in dragon training. But, at the same time if it was possible to actually stop the dragons without force then she’d use any method necessary. Maybe finally someone would catch on that she wasn’t using violence.

A few days later she pulled the saddle off of Smaug’s back, tucking it behind a rock she’d found provided perfect shelter. She’d leave it on, but then it could be a hassle if he were to change to his more human form. Looking over at the black dragon she smiled, seeing him scratching on a rock.

"Here." Johanna walked over and started scratching at the the side near where one of the straps of the saddle usually sat. She moved over the area until she came to a spot just under his chin when whumph Smaug was on the ground.


"Are you alright down there?" She asked, smiling a bit at the obviously content dragon.

- thecxnsultingdetective - forbidden friendship - httyd!verse

Burn The Ashes || Johanna and Jim


It hadn’t been that long since he’d killed Powers and Jim still felt high from the thrill it had given him. He guessed it wasn’t the killing itself (even if watching that smug motherfucker die right in front of everyone was sweeter than anything he could ever taste), but the fact that he just learned it’d been closed as an accident that made him happy. He’d planned to get away with it but for it to be given to him this early and this easy was just plan orgasmic to the young Moriarty. He’d made sure to look as sympathetic as everyone for the loss of their beloved swimming champion via a really public and freak accident.

He’d always had a habit of wandering late at night and there was no real exception for the night. He’d go to a diner or to somewhere to keep busy while he couldn’t sleep. Insomnia was neither a friend nor an enemy to Jim, but it did get annoying how restless he seemed to be. It only intensified after his first murder of Powers. It wasn’t that he felt guilty mind you. Quite the opposite. He was giddy and excited and found himself wondering what else he could get away with. He wasn’t going to go on a killing spree and get caught like an idiot.

Jim made his way idly through the streets, not really caring where he’d lead to. It couldn’t be more than 12 in the night, but the streets were almost empty. It only made him want to turn up his iPod as he walked through the streets. As he continued walking, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t alone. Jim stopped, pulled out his earphones and turned, only to see a figure retreating in the alley near the buildings.


"Hello?" he called out, making his way towards the buildings. The figure couldn’t be older than a teenager; younger than him that was for sure. Something told him it’d be worth his while to see who was it. "Is everything alright?" he asked, the ‘I’m not going to hurt you’ lingering as he approached the teen.

Is everything alright? If she knew she wouldn’t be found the girl would have laughed. Sure, everything was fine, she’d just murdered a good portion of her graduating class the previous night, no big deal. But the boy kept getting closer, and there wasn’t much more room for her to go.

Taking a deep breath she reached out and halted him in his tracks before he could take another step; an invisible wall between the two of them. She was pretty sure that he couldn’t see her, the shadows were too heavy. Taking a step towards him she kept her arm outstretched, powers focused on keeping that wall up.

"If you’re smart you’ll turn around and leave." She tried to sound as threatening as possible, surely the fact that he had run into an invisible force had him freaked out already. All the girl wanted was to be left alone.That’s all she’d ever wanted since discovering her powers really, until Jefferson came along.

No. She didn’t need to think about him now, didn’t need to loose control again by remembering what had happened. Focusing again on the stranger she noticed he hadn’t left. Wonderful.

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Not There Yet // Ailbe & Johanna // Flashback


"No no no." He panicked as Johanna moved away from him, though there was little he could do, he was barely able to move his feet, leaving Sean to all but carry him to the car. Still, the woman was his savior, and he was relying on her, in this new world where he was on his own in a foreign city. She was all he had and as she moved away his eyes tried their hardest to stay focused on her, despite the blurriness of his vision, to make sure she wasn’t going to leave him.

More screams as he was lowered into the car, though his voice quickly gave out, making way for more coughing, more blood. His eyes rolled back in his head, he could see the darkness ebbing on his vision, he knew what it meant, he’d been knocked out many times, even had a few concussions. But he wanted to stay conscious, he wanted to make sure these people kept to their word. No hospital, no police, no jail.

Were they moving? He managed to look to the window, but with his vision so out of sorts it was hard to tell and he quickly chose to look back up to the woman whose lap his head laid in, attempting to speak to her, “Jo…Johanna.” Slowly his head shook. “Don’t…leave.” Would she abandon him once they made it to the clinic, thinking her duty was through and she was in the clear to get on with her day? Surely not, she didn’t seem the type, but he wasn’t fully aware, he had a bit too much on his mind to know for sure if he was judging this woman correctly. Still, one of his hands raised, red with blood as it searched for one of her own, searched for the comfort of something as simple as holding someone’s hand.

This had always been one of the hardest parts of her army service, when it was one of her own men she was treating and they practically pleaded with her to save them. It was even harder when she knew they wouldn’t make it. But Ailbe would, she had promised that and she kept her promises. Not worried about the blood, Johanna took the shaking hand Ailbe held out, giving it a gentle squeeze. It wasn’t the one with the broken fingers.

"I’m not going anywhere," she replied firmly, "Just keep taking as deep breaths as you can, alright?" With her other hand she brushed some of the sweaty curls off his forehead. He was still a little feverish, but that wasn’t the problem. Again, she glanced at his chest, eyeing the bruises. He had worse than just a handful of broken ribs, she just had to hope that it was treatable by both Sean and herself alone. Otherwise…

She wouldn’t let Ailbe die, even if it meant partially going against his wishes. Lestrade may be able to help, there was a chance there that she could take advantage of if needed.

"We’re here. I’m going to run in and get a stretcher." Sean spoke up after parking the car. He left the engine running as he hurried to the doors, talking briefly to the secretary at the desk before hurrying on deeper in. It didn’t take long for him to appear with a stretcher. Johanna opened the door and looked down at Ailbe. "Gotta move you again, ready?"

When the fighter gave his response, the two doctors lifted together, moving as smoothly as possible to get him out of the car and onto the stretcher. “I’ve got a side door open that is closer to one of the x-ray rooms, but get some painkillers first.” Sean spoke quickly as he shut the door to his car before walking around to get the keys.

"Alright." She nodded, starting to wheel Ailbe towards the door, joined by Sean in a few seconds. "You still with us Ailbe?"

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An Attempt is Going to be Made

To get Miss Watson back online. I’ll be going through the drafts I have built up (which is quite a few) and will reply to the ones I can. I’m not gonna try and force anything, I just want to coax Johanna back out of her hidey-hole in the back of my mind.

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Yu-gi-oh anyone?

Myself and a friend of mine are cosplaying Bakura and Marik respectively at the anime convention in Dallas, and I will be keeping a photo album of our escapades today on my personal, Paichan13. Do come enjoy our antics!

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