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Angel With A Shotgun
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I’m an angel with a shotgun,
fighting til’ the wars won,
I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back.

- johannalock - heck even the cover is johannalock XD

Mun Meme Questions

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My Answers

I’d love to have a dragon a la The Inheritance Saga. Paolini made such a character of Saphira, and I absolutely love her. While I’m not sure if having her specifically is what I want, I’d love to have a dragon that’s from that universe.

For all you other Inheritance fans Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass.

Dear God The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. I had to read in Eighth grade and I HATED it. It’s really a terrible story and I just could not bear reading it. I actually can’t remember finishing it, it was just that bad.

Pretty much pick an oc for another fandom is that what you’re asking? XD Haha but ok.

I’ll do The Hobbit, since that’s what I’m watching right now;  I’d certainly be a hobbit, probably a Took, since I’m not always the one to just sit at home and just garden or farm or what have you. I like the occasional adventure :D

And this is how I imagine I’d look :)

Screamer sites, those things freak me out.

I actually had some really nice streaks at one time during high school, they were a sort of reddish blonde and looked really cool. I’d like to have those back.

High school, and I do mean literally playing like an instrument. Haha. Ah marching band days. So much fun.

Barney. What I used to love I now find creepy. Insanely creepy.

Hi-chew, that stuff is addictive.

I’d prefer to be cremated, honestly, but if I have to chose burial then, if at all possible, I’d love to be buried at Matamata where Hobbiton is now permanently located. I am such a Tolkien nerd, and like Harry Potter, LOTR has been part of my life since I was frankly terrified by the Balrog when I first saw Fellowship of the Ring when I was only 7. But slowly I learned to love Middle Earth just as dearly as many other fantasy realms. And to be buried at Hobbiton where both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings began would be an amazing honor.


Ugh there are so many people I want to sit and talk to, mostly just because I think they would just be fun conversationalists. Most of them are actors or musicians, or both in some cases. But I will give a few names; Hugh Jackman, Lindsey Stirling, Viggo Mortensen, Crispin Freeman, and, of course, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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  1. My muse with their hands cuffed above their head
  2. My muse tied to a chair, blindfolded
  3. My muse tied to the bed
  4. My muse blindfolded, legs spread by a spreader bar, hands tied behind their back
  5. My muse gagged, blindfolded and tied spread-eagle
  6. My muse tied and vulnerable in any way you wish
  7. My muse in handcuffs, blindfolded
  8. Your muse tied up in any way mine chooses~

Unerwartete Freunde? || Niki and Johanna



   “Wir werden ja sehen,” chuckled the driver, whose arrogance and determination to win the next race satiated. “in der Zwischenzeit plane ich heute gewinnen. Danke, Fräulein,” Niki managed a smile, and reciprocated the gesture: he took her hand with a calloused driver’s one, giving it a more gentle shake. “Ich hoffe, Sie genießen das Rennen.”

Johanna nodded, releasing the driver’s rough hand.”Solange das medizinische Personal und ich nicht benötigt werden, bin ich sicher, ich werde. Danke nochmal für die Autogramm.” With that she gave a small wave before turning to make her way back over to the medical tent. With the race about to start she needed to change. At least they had a small television in their tent where she could watch, and cheer a little, for the Austrian.

- heremainstheonlypersonienvied - Unerwartete freunde - (sorry this took so long :/) - (keep trying to get you on skype and missing ya)

Smother Me


Her reaction wasn’t exactly something he expected. Sure, sex was probably uncomfortable in the beginning and maybe the position they were in wasn’t the most comfortable, but hearing the whimpering coming from the blonde almost made him want to stop. Any inquiry Jim had died on his lips as he felt her nails dig into him, her hips keeping rhythm with his pace. Being inside her, the heat of her core on his member, sparked throughout his entire body. He almost felt guilty at how amazing it felt. 

He’d never been consumed in so much lust before.

All of his senses were Johanna and only Johanna as he continued to thrust into her, her moans and assault on his back only encouraging him to continue, wanting to take her higher and higher until she was completely spent. It seemed like all the fighting and fussing and dealing with her led to this exact moment. He only let out a moan as he felt her teeth graze his lips, his hands practically molding on her hips at how hard he was clutching at her, their hips crashing together. There were bound to be marks at the way they were practically gnawing at each other, claiming each other. He only continued his pace, relishing her moans. Sex was always something Jim sinfully indulged in, but with Johanna, it was different. He wasn’t entirely sure how and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to piece it right there are then, seeing as how her hips were doing things that captured his full attention.

He studied her reactions, mercilessly thrusting more at the places that caused her to moan the most. He loved that sound. She should let that pretty sound escape her lips more often. When she went over the edge, he moaned, his pace staggering as the sensation in the pit of his stomach became too unbearable, he himself riding out his orgasm soon after her. Watching her go through hers was a beautiful sight for the consulting criminal and if it were up to him, he’d have her that way forever.

The heated kiss she planted on him only served to make his body once again flushed, still riding out the aftermath of his own orgasm. He only cupped her face, returning the kiss with more intensity as he settled her down so that her body was against the wall once again like how they started. His body was still alert, every touch feeling like fire running through him. It was insane, how up for it he was -they both were- again. The telekinetic he’d had sex with made him feel alive and he wouldn’t have it any other way. It didn’t take long to make him hard again, his erection soon growing uncomfortable as his knees spread her legs apart once more. They were surely not spent yet. They were only beginning.

Without any real warning, he made her straddle him once again, entering her in one swift motion as he rammed her against the wall again. The familiar heat made him moan as he got her hands and pinned them above her head. The thrusting wasn’t caring or soft in the slightest bit. Each thrust as punctuated with pent up anger and frustration and longing and lust and it was obvious by the way they both carried themselves, him not giving her a chance at anything as he still kept her hands still settled above him. They were fucking, clearly, but there was definitely something else.

The bliss had barely started to fade when she felt him pulse inside her, his moan finally registering. When the telekinetic caught a glimpse at his face she couldn’t help the smallest smile at his expression. He just looked so different, but still so recognizably Jim. She had no idea what she looked like, but with the amount of heat in her head, she imagined she was a bit of a sight herself.

It was only by sheer force of will that she was able to keep herself up at that point. Johanna could feel the forming bruises on her hips from where Jim had been gripping, but the occasional welt she could feel on his back more than made up for it. Even after he set her down she kept her arms tight around his shoulders, needing the support; even though she’d never admit it. She was still shaking from her first orgasm, but after getting her feet on the ground it started to subside. The kiss that had gone on since she started broke for just a moment before the consultant moved again.

Faster than she could register at the moment, her mind hazy as it was with the sex that had just occurred, Jim had her hands in his, pinned over her head. The thought of fighting against the restriction flew past as he pulled her up again, keeping her against the wall with his body alone as he once again buried himself inside her. Johanna let out a moan at the suddenness, her legs hooking around his back as she tried moving against him to hardly any avail. Her mind rebelled at being so out of control, and it showed in her biting at his lip, letting him know that she wasn’t quite happy with this.

With a low growl she pushed back the hand holding hers with her mind, just enough to free them. In return she forced both his hands behind him, keeping them there while she buried her fingers in his scalp. “Dare you to try that again, Jim.” Johanna hissed against his mouth, rolling her hips against his now that she had a bit more freedom. Only the wall and her gift were keeping her upright, and she let out a soft sound of pleasure as her moving hips caused his member to brush the spot inside her that had caused the powerful orgasm before.

Keeping her hips moving at that spot, Johanna increased the pace, groaning as her hands moved back to his shoulders for better support. Her whole body was pressed against Jim’s as she attacked his lips and back, grinning again when she came to where she was keeping his hands. “Want those back I bet…”

Let it never be said that she wasn’t a fast learner.

- consulting sex - in a darkened room - smother me



- johaniarty - (omg it really does look like them) - (Johanna likes the scruff ;) ) - (And only when she's not thoroughly exhausted if you catch my drift lol)

Kink meme: They're not particularly shy and that's because Jim was Johanna's first, so it's not normal sex in the least. I see Jim secretly wanting to do some BDSM/S&M stuff with Johanna because he likes having control in all aspects. Johanna definitely managed to get the upperhand and control from Mr. Sex himself, so to tie her up, take control and make her beg like she makes him beg would be a dream for him.


"Not happening."

(My only comment as the mun is GOOD FUCKING LUCK JIM! Because unless he found a way to keep her from using her powers the attempt would probably kill him. But if he did ever find a way then damn that would be an interesting RP)

- kink meme - consultingsex - in a darkened room

What is the kinkiest thing your muse wants to do to mine? Bonus points if you’re as descriptive as possible and can make them blush.

"How long’s it been?"



"Two years. Bastard."

"That’d be nice, but I know you won’t. I don’t see why you’re threatening me, I mean, it’s kind of stupid. You might get on my bad side."


Johanna felt herself begin to bristle at his words and while she might have thought differently later, the first thought in her head was to prove him wrong.

So she did, with a fist right to one of those damn cheekbones of his.

"Does it look like I care if I get on your bad side? Be fair, I’ve been on your bad side since you had me wired up to blow I’m sure."

- inevitablexdestruction - (sorry this took so long :/)

Not There Yet // Ailbe & Johanna // Flashback


The minutes seemed like hours, the pain pushing him closer and closer to unconsciousness with every second that ticked by. But he hadn’t survived and won this many street fights without being as stubborn as a mule, he wouldn’t let himself pass out, he wouldn’t let himself die.

The knock on the door coincided with one of the Irishman’s coughing fits, his hand coming back covered in blood, just as it had before, eyes searching desperately for the source of this new voice, having difficulty concentrating on all of the moving people around him.

Hurt? Wasn’t he in enough pain? Frightened eyes looked to Johanna as he nodded, struggling as he took in a shaky, deep breath, trying to be of use and pull his feet up under himself. Still, he screamed in pain as he was lifted, clinging to the woman doctor as though she were his life support as he coughed, blood trickling down his chin. “Please.” He managed to speak, to beg for her, for them, to save his life even if only with one word. All he knew was that he didn’t want to die, and yet that was exactly what it felt like was happening.

Once the two of them had Ailbe on his feet, Johanna nodded to the door, smiling when Mrs Hudson opened the two doors to the outside for them. “I’ve got him, Johanna, get the car open.” Sean said, taking Ailbe’s weight fully on his shoulder. She nodded, gently squeezing the street fighter’s arm in comfort before heading out the door. Sean followed quickly behind, carefully helping the injured man into the back seat. Just before Johanna followed Ailbe in, Mrs. Hudson called out to her.

"Come back home dear, please. I don’t think Sherlock would’ve wanted you to leave." The landlady said, the name of their late friend quieter than the rest of her sentence. The doctor was quiet, looking back up at the flat.

Her home. The home she hadn’t returned to in a month, since that day. But she’d immediately gone back when Ailbe needed a safe place, when she needed a safe place to care for him. With a deep breath she nodded.

"I will, Mrs. Hudson. I promise." Then she turned and got into the back of the car, keeping Ailbe’s head elevated on her knee. "Let’s go Sean."

Her friend nodded, pulling out into the street. She looked down at the street fighter, noticing he was just barely holding on to consciousness. “Don’t worry, just relax, hang on.”

- ailbelynott - not there yet