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Fading to Dust - consultingsex [hello friend this is the jim. also ask limit oOPS ]

It had all been so carefully planned…

Johanna was to watch John Watson, this Sherlock’s assistant, and if Sherlock didn’t commit suicide then she was to kill Watson.

Jim was with Sherlock, and she was observing, having gotten the call from the agent at 221B that the army doctor was headed back. She watched the rooftop across from hers carefully, especially the shorter of the two silhouettes.

There wasn’t supposed to be a gun shot.

She wasn’t supposed to see Jim go down.

Her vision went red.


When she finally reawoke and snuck out of the mortuary she saw the news report.

'Massive explosion rips through St. Barts Hospital and the surrounding area. Unknown amount of casualties. No survivors.'

Well. Now there was one.

- consultingsex - Basically Johanna raised hell - and killed Sherlock and probably John too - no reichenbach for you Jimmy - Carrie!Johanna

Fading to Dust


- damagedanddelusional - ((*nopes into oblivion*)) - ((You get what basically amounts to a gifset because I'm only writing that scene once)) - fading to dust meme

[text] It’s urgent

[text] I’m listening.

- damagedanddelusional - damagedand-delusional

[text] Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

[text] Because you were on a case and I know how much you hate being interrupted.

[text] Just get here now William Sherlock Scott Holmes, your daughters aren’t going to wait to come out.

- damagedanddelusional - because if she doesn't go into labor on a case with him - it'd be while he's on a case without her - damagedand-delusional

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- calling all sherlocks for reverse reichenbach scenarios - or a certain jim maybe

[text] Don’t touch anything

[text] You know I never mess with your equipment unless it’s stinking up the place.

[text] It is stinking up the flat isn’t it?

- damagedanddelusional - damagedand-delusional

[text] Accident? How is that an accident?

[text] You think I go around deliberately slicing my hand open? 

[text] Just get back here and help me stitch this up, rather not go to the ER.

- damagedanddelusional - trying to cook lol - done this before myself but I didn't need stitches thankfully - damagedand-delusional


  • [text] Are you safe?
  • [text] Are you home?
  • [text] Are you hurt?
  • [text] What’s happened?
  • [text] Please text back
  • [text] Where are you?
  • [text] Why are you in the hospital?
  • [text] Why didn’t you tell me sooner?
  • [text] Come back
  • [text] Stay with me
  • [text] I can’t feel my legs
  • [text] Are you sure?
  • [text] I feel sick
  • [text] Please come over
  • [text] I need you
  • [text] I need you to listen
  • [text] I need to look after you
  • [text] It’s urgent
  • [text] Help me, please
  • [text] You’re not listening! This is important!
  • [text] Please be careful
  • [text] Stop showing off, you’re not impressing anyone
  • [text] You worry me so much sometimes.
  • [text] I’ll wait for you to get back
  • [text] Please wait for me
  • [text] I don’t want to live without you
  • [text] I don’t know what to do
  • [text] Don’t touch anything
  • [text] I’ll be there right away
  • [text] What do you mean?
  • [text] Accident? How is that an accident?

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