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Tout le Monde peut Changer (Everybody Can Change) - A Beauty and the Beast Retelling


So that genius idea I said I thought of at work? This is it.

This isn’t the full story, just synopses of each chapter, and they aren’t done. The story isn’t going to change from the main track, Belle and the Beast are still going to end up together, everyone turns human and yay, but I just couldn’t get the idea out of my mind of what exactly Gaston’s story is. This is what my brain spat out and I’m just on cloud 9 trying to get it all written up. Went from being just Gaston’s story to being from Belle and Beast’s point of views as well, because otherwise the full story couldn’t possibly be told, and it would be a hell of a lot shorter.

Anyway I’m open for comments and such.

As for Aiden I promise she’ll be back with you guys asap.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Same about Johanna but gah so excited about this

- outofthegraveyard

Gorgeous view. I pick good seats XD

- beauty and the beast

Guess what Johanna mun’s finally getting to see tonight

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Super Silky Summer Legs

Next time you are feeling down, about to binge, going on a date, or just need to pamper yourself, do this. I just did it and I can not stop rubbing my legs together. It feels like I paid for that over expensive pedicure at the salon.


  • 1 1/4 C Sugar (Yup, plain, good-ol’ white sugar)
  • 1/2 C Oil (I used olive oil, but you can use any oil, coconut oil, baby oil, canola oil)
  • 3 tablespoons Citrus (Lime or lemon)
  • 1-2 Razors
  1. Mix everything together in a bowl.
  2. Soak your legs in the tub for 5 minutes.
  3. Shave your legs.
  4. Rub some of this mixture all over your legs. The sugar will help rub off all dirt and dead skin. Rub, rub. Feels like a mini massage.
  5. Rinse it all off, shave again. I would use one razor per leg if you have two. You will be rinsing this razor a lot. I was GROSSED out by the amount of dead skin I was “shaving” off. It was insane! Trust me, you’ll see.
  6. Rub your legs again! Second coat of wax, oh yeah.
  7. Rinse off! You can use a mild soap to help get some of the oil off.
  8. Lotion your legs up, and feel the silkiness!

Now this isn’t just geared to ladies…. guys, if you want to get lucky, I suggest you offer to rub your ladies’ feet with this mix too. It feels awesome, and when you get lucky, you will be thanking me that her rough grandma feet aren’t cutting your legs, if ya know what I’m saying… hahaha.

I have silky arm pits too!!

Try it, I swear, You will want everyone to touch your legs.

i just did this and after about 2 or so months of not shaving this is the most incredible thing i have ever done its like my legs arent even legs they’re some sort of ancient fabric made only for powerful pharoahs

i highly suggest this even if you don’t shave use it on your feet or shave your pits or your pubes with it because you will feel like a fucking deity



I just tried this and it feels so good I want to cry





This is the thing, Joe.

Joe, let’s shave our legs together.

Don’t act like we didn’t have this conversation.

- oh yeah - amazing - seriously use this it is glorious

I found my place in the world
Could stare at your face for the rest of
my days
Now I can breathe, turn my insides out
and Smother me
Warm and alive I’m all over you
would you smother me?

Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my flesh
Get undressed, taste the flesh
Bite into me harder, sink your teeth into my flesh
Pass the test, taste the flesh

Hold me up against the wall
Give it till I beg, give me some more
Make me bleed, I like it raw
Like it raw, raw, raw
Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my flesh

Let me be the one who never leaves
You all alone
I hold my breath and lose the feeling
That I’m on my own
Hold me too tight stay by my side
and let me be the one who calls you
Baby all the time

- consultingsex - johaniarty - the duality of their relationship

Burn The Ashes || Johanna and Jim


She was remembering. 

He was never one to forget and she made the biggest impression on him and Jim knew that he’d never forget about her. Not the young blonde who was covered in blood and who seemed to get rid of her own little problem. He resonated with her, he figured. Stopped her own people from laughing. That’s why instead of cutting all loose ends (like those who even looked his way. He was paranoid back then. He’d just killed Carl and he couldn’t let people identify him, now could he?), he helped her, giving her shelter for a while and giving her a new identity before sending her off.

Well,not him.Tom Hobbes.

One of his favorite aliases until this day. He never expected them to meet again. But once he saw those brown eyes again, he knew it was her, his suspicions confirmed when she’d used her gift on him to make sure he was no threat to her safety. He didn’t expect to actually fall for her either. He didn’t expect to want to save her with every ounce of his being before.

He also didn’t expect them to have whatever the fuck it was they had. Angry, passionate, loud sex they had, sure, but what could he call it? He cared for her, borderline loved her (not borderline. He loved her. He should really start being honest with himself) but he could very well understand that someone like her who went through everything she did not trust him and come to only expect sex from Jim. Why he never told her, he didn’t know. He figured it was that he didn’t want to make her feel in debt at all because she wasn’t. It was beyond that now.

"Do I?" he asked, amused, armed with a smirk as he leaned in more towards her, her skin still calling to him (insatiable insatiable insatiable), even after generous work wasted on making Johanna spew those pretty sounds he liked from her mouth. “Should I be jealous of this Thomas?” he asked, his eyes on hers.

Brown eyes rolled at his inquiry and she shook her head. “Not even close, I only knew him for a few days. But I guess you could say you sort of owe him. He’s the one who got me thinking about running my own criminal organization.”

Now that Johanna was thinking about it, those days came flooding back. The initial apprehension, slowly trusting him enough to tell him what she’d done, and getting his help for her own new start. Closing her eyes she sighed as she started relaying the story.

                                        Fifteen years earlier

She could still hear the screams, smell the smoke and blood, see the carnage before her. Jefferson…lying dead next to her. It hadn’t been the fact that they’d dumped a bucket of blood on her that had caused her to lose control. It had been the fact that such a childish prank by the most immature people caused the death of the only friend she’d ever had.

The spike of anger caused another light above the teen to implode, a growl slipping out as she reined her power back. Ever since she’d unleashed her fury on that gym it was much harder to keep it in check. How she made it to the next town without being discovered she still marveled at. During the day she’d stayed hidden in an alley, visited only by a couple cats and a dog, but now that it was night time she was on the move again. The police had to be looking for her by now, and the formal dress was kind of a give away, plus the blood. At least she’d lost the heels she’d been in, easier to run that way.

Ducking into the side of a building when she heard approaching footsteps, the teen kept very quiet, waiting for them to pass on by. There was no firm destination in her mind, just that she needed to get as far away from home as possible. Her family would never take her back after what she’d done. Hell, her sister had probably already ratted to them about her power, even though the only reason the older girl knew about it was because she’d used it to save her from a bully.

A voice called out, pulling the teen from her thoughts and she saw a figure standing not far from where the buildings faced the street. There was only the light of the lamp on the other side to see him by, but she tensed as he started in.

She couldn’t afford to kill him, but she couldn’t afford to let him find her either. Ducking back further into the alley she waited, ready if he should keep coming.

- consultingsex - burn the ashes - carrie!verse

Your character has full access to all of my character’s memories. Which memory does your character force my character to recall?


submitted by quitealovelywallflower.

Burn The Ashes || Johanna and Jim

She hadn’t thought about him in forever.

Of course, to tell the truth Johanna didn’t like to think back on the days before she started over. Including him. She was a different person then, used a different name, had a family…

But why did he suddenly come back to her, now of all times, when she was lying in bed with Jim? Rolling over, Johanna interrupted the fingers that had been trailing along her shoulders and back, meeting her partner’s dark eyes.

"You remind me of him." Johanna said softly. For reasons unknown to her she always felt more relaxed after a long session with Jim, less hard than she normally was.She never really let on about it, but if she knew the consulting criminal, he already knew. He always knew.

"Who, darling?" He drawled, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. She ignored the pet name, leaning up on one of her elbows. Her eyes slid down, remembering. She could almost see him, he’d been taller than her, dark eyed and haired, and not scared of the fact that, at the time, she’d been practically covered in dry blood.

Shaking her head she shrugged. “This boy I met, the day after the dance. He helped me out, but I can hardly remember his name. It’s been a long time though,” Johanna trailed off, trying to make herself remember.

"Thomas… Thomas Hobbes," the telekinetic muttered under her breath…

Now she remembered.

- consultingsex - burn the ashes - carrie!verse

Party Meetings || Johanna and Balthazar || 20’s AU


Balthazar’s gaze flickered up as he went to fetch himself a drink- his first non-alcoholic one of the night, at that - and caught the eye of a smiling young woman whose hand knocked his for the ladle.

"I am, my dear, I certainly am," he replied with a wide grin, having to raise his tone slightly to shout over the music and elation. He filled a cup with the sickly-sweet punch and leant up against the small table. 

"What’s a beautiful girl like you doing by herself at such a fantastic party, eh?"

Wonderful, another drunk. Johanna sighed the moment she smelled it on the man’s breath. But as her mother always said, indulging them was the best choice.

"I just enjoy parties more on my own," She replied, keeping the smile up as she sipped at the punch looking back out over the dance floor. "Lets me slip away whenever I want to."

Not entirely a lie, seeing as if she slipped away before the party had gone on for at least two hours she would probably get a lecture from her father. He always hoped she’d meet someone at one of these things, marry rich like Harry was going to in a few months. Wasn’t her fault she wasn’t interested in party boys and drunks.

"And you? Why are you alone?"

- vigilanteangel - Party Meetings - 20's au




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